OpenTV Hits Apple with Streaming Video Patent Lawsuit

OpenTV has filed a lawsuit claiming Apple is infringing on five of its streaming video-related patents. The company's U.S. District Court filing said several Apple products, including iTunes, infringe on its patents.

OpenTV says Apple's video streaming infringes on its patentsOpenTV says Apple's video streaming infringes on its patents

The lawsuit claims the system Apple uses for downloading and streaming movie rentals infringe on OpenTV's patents, and that Apple is not paying licensing fees. The filing goes on to say that Disney, Google, Cisco, and other companies are licensing its technology.

OpenTV is a company that's actually using its patents. It was one of the first companies to make Internet browsers for televisions, and Dish Network used OpenTV's technology to let QVC viewers make purchases from their TVs. The company also developed the interactive television software used in many set top boxes.

The company is asking the court for unspecified compensation, according to Re/code. Apple has not commented on the case.