Opera Web Browser Comes to iPhone

| Product News

Opera’s Mini Web Browser for the iPhone appeared on the App Store Tuesday morning, putting to rest any questions about whether or not Apple would approve the alternative to Mobile Safari.

The Opera Mini Web Browser includes a Speed Dial feature for accessing favorite Web sites with a single tap, URL auto-completion, tabbed browsing windows, and a bookmark manager. The browser doesn’t, however, include an iPad-specific interface, so iPad owners will have to rely on their multimedia tablet’s pixel doubling feature to use the browser in full screen mode.

Opera Mini Web Browser is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



My first reactions:

WOW, IT IS SO FAST! The rendering is not quite as nice as Safari, but man, I haven’t found a single webpage that takes more than a few seconds to load completely!


When trying to pinch or expand a picture or a photo there is no control.  It’s like a mouse adjustment for scroll speed on steroids.  This needs to be fixed.

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