Oprah Gives $10K & an iPad to O Employees for Ten Year Anniversary

Oprah Winfrey recently gave her employees at O magazine a nice thank you gift for the magazine’s ten year anniversary. AdAge reported that Ms. Winfrey — OK, we’ll call her Oprah — stopped by the magazine’s office to drop off the presents for every employee, regardless of how long they had been employed.

The presents included the cash, an unspecified iPad, and a leather case for the iPad with the initials of the employee.

“These were personal gifts to the staff from Oprah to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the magazine,” a spokesperson for Hearst Corporation said in a statement. Hearst is O’s publisher.

Oprah is well known for her generosity to her staff in her financial empire, as well as for her many charitable efforts.

WalletPop pointed out that the tax hit on Oprah’s gift will be about $3,000.