Oracle Hires HP’s Former CEO

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Former HP CEO and President, Mark Hurd, is already back among the employed thanks to a job offer from Oracle. Mr. Hurd resigned from HP in August over sexual harassment allegations.

Mr. Hurd will serve as Oracle’s President and will also sit on the company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Hurd’s schedule opened up in early August after he resigned from Hewlett Packard in the midst of sexual harassment claims from a former contractor. A company investigation concluded that Mr. Hurd didn’t violate sexual harassment policies, but did violate HP’s rules pertaining to business conduct.

Oracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison, apparently sees Mr. Hurd’s resignation as a loss for HP and a gain for his company. “Mark did a brilliant job at HP and I expect he’ll do even better at Oracle,” he said.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Looks like HP is suing Hurd. This will get interesting. I’m no fan of Larry Ellison, but he is the one guy whose company can probably withstand all-out nuclear war among the tech titans because Oracle isn’t so consumer-facing and pretty much owns databases.

HP should have let it go, and reminded Ellsion and Hurd at an appropriate time. Instead, they protest too much and will pay dearly for it.

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