Orange Leaks Apple Tablet Info

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The Apple tablet rumor frenzy jumped up another notch on Monday thanks to comments from Orange France's Stephane Richard. He apparently confirmed during an interview that Apple is ramping up to launch a tablet device that includes a built-in webcam and 3G support, according to Nowhere Else (translation).

When asked during the interview if Apple was preparing to launch a tablet computer in the next few days and if it would have a webcam, Mr. Richard responded "Yes" to both questions. He also indicated that Orange subscribers would benefit from the tablet, hinting that his company has some kind of wireless service deal in place with Apple.

Apple hasn't confirmed any table rumors so far, and won't likely say anything until it holds a press conference, which is rumored to be set for January 26 or 27. That hasn't, however, stopped people from talking about what features they expect the device to have.

The Wall Street Journal joined in recently, too, with a report that Apple will roll out its tablet in March. According to the WSJ sources, the tablet will include a 10 or 11-inch display, a nation-wide Wi-Fi subscription service, and a US$1,000 price tag.

Other rumors have indicated the display will include multi-touch support and might be smaller, will include a front-facing camera and video iChat support, that it will run a version of the iPhone OS, and that it will run a version of Mac OS X.

Since Apple will remain tight lipped until it's ready to make an announcement, all of the rumors -- including Mr. Richard's comments -- should be taken with a grain of salt.


Jeff Gamet

It sure feels like the number of tablet-related “leaks” is increasing, but I’m still remaining skeptical until I see someone from Apple holding one up on stage. That said, a January media event is starting to feel more and more like a real possibility.

Lee Dronick

Jeff I love the headline of this article. This is why you should keep oranges in a bowl or something so that you don’t get apple info stains on the tablecloth. smile


The image on the Nowhere Else blog looks like it could be an Apple design with a distinctive aluminum bezel. But there’s no Apple logo on it, so this makes the picture suspect, not discounting the validity of the report with such a high-ranking executive.

Don’t you speak French Jeff? My french friend Dominique Calier is unavailable. Doesn’t Google have a speech translator?


yeah, don’t keep these oranges on that tablet.

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