Orange Scores iPhone Deal in UK

Cell service provider Orange revealed on Monday that it will start selling the iPhone lineup in the United Kingdom later this year, ending O2's exclusive deal with Apple.

 Orange hasn't said yet when the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will be available, but did confirm the combination iPod and smartphone would be available in its retail stores, online, and through select third party retailers.
 Rumors surfaced earlier this year that O2's exclusive partnership with Apple was ending and that the Cupertino-based company was actively looking for additional cell service providers in the U.K. to bring into its fold. At the time, Apple was said to be in discussions with Orange and T-Mobile.
 Orange and T-Mobile are in the process of merging into a single company in the U.K., passing O2 as the largest cell carrier in the country. Once the merger is complete, the combined company will be able to potentially offer the iPhone to a larger user base than O2 currently does.
 Orange has not yet announced iPhone pricing plan details.