Order Pizza with a Single Tap via the New Domino's App for Apple Watch

dominos apple watch app

When Apple lauded the health and fitness benefits of the Apple Watch at its unveiling in 2014, this probably wasn't what the company had in mind. Thanks to a recent update to the Domino's iOS app, pizza fans can now order a fresh pie with a single tap on their wrist.

Domino's first introduced support for the Apple Watch in mid-2015, allowing users to track the status of their order once it was submitted. In an update this week, however, that functionality has been expanded to support "Easy Order," which lets users pre-configure a particular order once via the Domino's website or the full iPhone or iPad app, and then submit the order to Domino's any time that hunger strikes with a single tap from the Apple Watch app.

As long as the user is within the delivery area of a Domino's location, the nearest store will prepare and deliver the order, with the company's order tracking feature still available to keep tabs on the process.

Simon Wallis, head of sales for Domino's UK, explained the company's rationale for the update:

Pairing the new easy order with the Apple watch – the ultimate convenience gadget – is a match made in heaven. The possibilities of smartwatch ordering mean our pizza fans will never be further than a wrist tap away from their emergency ‘pepperoni passion’ or ‘Texas BBQ’.

Domino's Easy Order functionality on the Apple Watch is initially limited to certain markets, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and will roll out to other Domino's markets later this year.