O'Reilly Releases "iPhone Game Development"

iPhone Game DevelopmentO'Reilly announced Wednesday the release of iPhone Game Development, a book for people wanting to learn how to...wait for it...develop iPhone games. The book was written by Paul Zirkle of Konami Digital Entertainment and Joe Hogue of Electronic Arts, and it offers basic developer information and more advanced topics such as how to deal with special graphics, physics engines, and audio needs.

The book is aimed at experienced iPhone developers, and starts with a basic overview of iPhone game design, and then details the process of developing a game, including examples.

Features of the book, according to O'Reilly:

  • Learn how to develop iPhone games that provide engaging user experiences
  • Become familiar with Objective-C and the Xcode suite of tools
  • Learn what it takes to adapt the iPhone interface to games
  • Create a robust, scalable framework for a game app
  • Understand the requirements for implementing 2D and 3D graphics
  • Learn how to add music and audio effects, as well as menus and controls
  • Get instructions for publishing your game to the App Store

The book is priced at US$34.99 ($23.09 at Amazon)