Organization Software PersonalBrain 5 Debuts at Macworld

SAN FRANCISCO -- TheBrain Technologies is exhibiting PersonalBrain 5.0, the latest iteration of its visualization and organization software, at this week's Macworld Expo. The upgrade features an outline view with a broader view of information, visual tagging, a presentation mode with full-screen display, and the ability to save customized layouts created in expanded view, as well as to import outlines and mind maps created with other software.

Mac OS X-specific improvements include integration with Spotlight searches, Address Book, iCal, Apple Mail, and QuickLook previews. The developer also said that it made numerous performance and interface enhancements.

PersonalBrain 5.0 is available now in three versions: Free, which lets anyone link ideas and Web pages, images, and notes; Pro (US$249.95); and Core ($149.95). PersonalBrian 4 users can upgrade to the new version for $74.95. Mac OS X version 10.4 is required.