OS X: Changing Printers' Names

If you’ve got several printers in your home or office, you might find it helpful to give them detailed names. Or really any name that doesn't look like this:

I think we can all agree that’s ugly. That hurts my poor neatness-loving brain.

So here’s how you change it. Head to System Preferences> Printers & Scanners (which is called System Preferences> Print & Scan if you’re not running Mavericks) and choose the printer you want to rename from the left-hand list. 

Then in the right pane, click on Options & Supplies.

When the next dialog box pops up, give your printer a new name and click OK. 

I always like to label mine with something descriptive (such as “upstairs” or “east office”) if I’m configuring multiple devices; that way, no one’ll be confused about which one documents are being sent to. But you can do whatever you like here—call the printer George if you want. The world is your burrito.

And after you’re done, here’s how much cleaner your printer dialog will look:

Ah, my brain feels better now. Whew.