OS X: Enable Window Scroll Bars

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There was a time when your Mac's Finder and application windows all had visible scroll bars that made it easy to move up or down in long file lists, and also gave you a nice visual cue to let you know there was more to see than the current window was showing. That's missing now, but it's easy to reenable and we're happy to show you how in this Video Quick Tip.


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Oh no! I hate this aspect of the iOS (I’ve even blogged about it), it’s such clear idiocy! Why would you make scroll bars disappear!!? I’ve sometimes simply not been able to find items I needed, just because there was zero indication that there were more options below the fold, or even that there was a “fold”.

I’m sorry to hear it has invaded OS X too.
(I still at Snow Leopard for a host of reasons.)


This is great, thanks so much. I usually use a mouse but on a plane trip was working with the touch pad and the scrolling option vanished. All is now well again. And you have a new member! wink

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