OS X: Flashing the Screen for Alerts

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As Jeff Gamet discussed in a previous article, you can turn on a setting under iOS that’ll flash the camera LED when an alert comes in. There’s a way you can do this on your Mac, too, and it’s useful if you have trouble hearing or if you just keep your devices muted much of the time. This option is available under System Preferences > Accessibility > Audio

Press that “Test Screen Flash” button to see what it’ll look like, but after you toggle on the “Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs” checkbox, that’s what’ll happen from then on. So whenever your Mac needs to let you know something’s going on, you’ll see a visual cue along with the audio one. Neat-o!

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The link for this article (flashing screen for alerts) connects only to the Comment screen.


And for slightly older OS’  Sys Prefs>Universal Access>Hearing


I’ve been doing this since at least some version of System 7.

It’s a nice reinforcement of the system saying “Hey! That’s not right!”

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