OS X Maps: Right-Click for Fast Directions

Trying to get directions using the Mac’s Maps program, but you don’t know the address? There are a couple of simple ways to do that. First of all, if the place you’re headed to has a landmark icon next to its name, click that to bring up the location’s address and a small selectable “i” that you can use to get directions.

However, if the location you want directions to has no icon to click (if you’re trying to get to an intersection, say), the secret lies in right- or Control-clicking directly on the spot.

As you can see, doing that will bring up a handy contextual menu, from which you can drop a pin or open a new window if you want to. But the “Get Directions” option is the one I use most often—pick that, and Maps will automagically take you right to the place you wanna go, all fast and stuff. 

Nifty! So you don’t have to drop a pin yourself and drag it around. Which is great, because if being able to accurately drag map pins were a sport, I think I’d lose at it.

Considering I tried to land on the road there, that’s pretty terrible. You should all probably mock my lack of motor skills.