OS X Mavericks Closer to Launch, GM Lands in Developer’s Laps

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Apple is another step closer to rolling out OS X Mavericks now that the GM version of the Mac operating system is available to developers. The company gave access to the near final version of the operating system to developers Thursday night, and unless major last minute bugs are found, the update will likely be publicly available in the next couple weeks.

The final pre-release version of OS X Mavericks is in developer's handsThe final pre-release version of OS X Mavericks is in developer's hands

OS X Mavericks includes several new features such as iBooks support, improved full screen app support, desktop spanning support for AirPlay through Apple TV, better overall performance and battery life, file and folder tagging, iCloud Keychain syncing, Maps, and more. Registered members of Apple's developer program have been working with Mavericks since it was first released as a beta earlier this year and most reports about its pre-release performance have been favorable.

Apple hasn't said exactly when OS X Mavericks will ship other than this fall. The general consensus is that it will ship some time in October, and may coincide with the release of new iPad models, new MacBook Pro models, and the redesigned Mac Pro.

There also isn't any word yet on what Mavericks will cost. The previous two system updates have been priced at US$19.99 and have been available as downloads through the Mac App Store, which is very likely what Apple will do again.

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Back up your Macs, make sure the apps you rely on are Mavericks-compatible, and get ready. OS X 10.9 is coming soon.

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Anyone know if Apple has improved (that is, unscrewed-up) event notifications in Mavericks? Please tell me the “snooze” function once again allows a variety of time intervals. Snooze is almost useless in Mountain Lion. I’m using a third-party solution called “Snooze Master,” but it has proved to be unreliable.


Alas, I shant be able to use Maverics. My 2006 Mac Pro won’t even run Mountain Lion. Mind you, Lion runs great on it, but after having used pre-release copies of Maverics (on a MacBook Pro belonging to a company with which I am no longer employed), Lion just feels a little long in the tooth.


I just wonder what Apps will break in Mavericks.

I really don’t want to have to buy a new version of FileMaker….

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