OS X Mavericks: It’s Really on the Map… In California

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Apple dropped its cat-themed names for OS X with the introduction of OS X 10.9 on Monday and is now naming its operating systems after locations in California. OS X 10.9 is Mavericks, which isn't as high profile as other California spots such as San Francisco, or maybe the Golden Gate Bridge. So where exactly is Mavericks?

Mavericks is a popular surfing spot near Half Moon Bay in CaliforniaMavericks is a popular surfing spot near Half Moon Bay in California

Mavericks is a popular big wave surfing spot near Half Moon Bay, which is south of San Francisco. There isn't a physical landmark to make it easy to spot since it's off the California coast in the Pacific Ocean where an underwater rock formation causes waves over 25 feet high to form after big storms. The location, off Pillar Point, is also home to an annual winter surfing contest with some big money prizes, which seems appropriate considering the size of the waves.

OS X Mavericks, on the other hand, doesn't come with any risk to life or limb for exciting thrills. The new version of the Mac operating system is due out this fall with a long list of improvements and enhancements.

Mavericks was named after a surfer's dog that tagged along on a surfing outing, so in a manner of speaking, Apple names its new operating system after a dog.

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Speaking of dogs? Don’t forget the 2012 movie Chasing Mavericks (I guess Ballmer should watch it?)

I am looking forward to Discovering Mavericks.

Also, I look forward to seeing screen grabs of Apple Maps as illustrations instead of the ubiquitous Google Maps. (I have nothing against Google Maps, I just like change!)



Any word on what Macs will be able to upgrade to Mavericks?


The name was approved by John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Wayne Sander

Ah, map locations… What a relief. For a moment I thought they were going for Top Gun characters.

Lee Dronick

I wonder if they will continue with the surfing spot names or also such places as Golden Gate, Hollywood, and such.

Lee Dronick

You Goosed me with that one Wayne smile


And yes, you can find Mavericks with Google Maps. iOS Maps? Sorry, not found.


I first thought of the floppy character from the Bugs Bunny cartoon Oily Hare


Wannabes beware. The big waves at Mavericks, near Half Moon Bay in California, are dangerous and have taken the lives of several world-class big-wave surfers.

OTOH OS X Mavericks, was designed in Cupertino, California for those of all ability levels, and encourages web (and file) surfing. Beauty, fun, ease of use, and safety are built in. A big wave of folks will enjoy it.

Jeff Gamet

Hey ctopher, since I did my map screenshot on my Mac I couldn’t use Apple’s Maps. Since OS X Mavericks will be out this fall I’ll be able to switch from Google Maps soon.

Lee Dronick

I just searched for Mavericks using Maps on my iPad and it showed up at the beach near the Half Moon Bay Airport. In Google Maps, using Safari on the iPad, I had to enter Maverick’s Beach. In the Google Map app I entered Maverick’s and the first suggestion was Maverick’s Beach.

In all cases entering Mavericks or Maverick’s resulted in a number of suggestions for places such as Mavericks’ Stadium (AAA baseball) in Adelanto California, a number of places in Texas.


Is it confirmed that the Mavericks name refers to that location, and NOT to that dog?

How sure are we that the next Mac OS won’t be named Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Fido, Snoopy or some such?

Lee Dronick

BurmaYank, the OS series will be named after cattle. Mavericks, Angus, Hereford, and so on.


Just not Longhorn. Please.


... ‘lil dogie, etc.?


I could be wrong isn’t Mavericks ths name of monster waves.

Ah can’t be true, most bloggers are super clever to know the real thing.

Lee Dronick

Adam, the place is called Mavericks or Maverick’s and supposedly named after a dog who belonged to one of the surfers who popularised the place.


This is embarrassing. Y’all from Cali, right? It’s like not knowing where Wimbledon is in the sport of tennis.  And if Apple is global you’d think they would do a l’il better. Cali has other things we’re known for though (they can’t just go Surf-that makes even less sense) - historical Rock Festival places -Monterey,  Aerospace - Palmdale, Movies - Hollywood,  Deserts - Joshua Tree,
Earthquakes - Ridgecrest (avg one a day),  <- they sound Apple-y, right?

Lee Dronick

I am from California, Cali is a city in Colombia.


Dayum Lee, didn’t the boat payment clear???

Lee Dronick

Sorry Cuda, calling it Cali is one of my peeves, text speak in general.


Y’oughta hear what I call NoHo here in SoCal !!!!  Nice peeve though. I’m peeved out.


“Sorry Cuda, calling it Cali is one of my peeves, text speak in general.”

Roger that.
Call San Francisco “Frisco,” and watch me go postal!


” Roger that.
Call San Francisco “Frisco,” and watch me go postal! “
That’s funny!! I was going to mention a guy in line at Ralphs a few years ago - I thought he was a raving lunatic - but now I see a pattern here. Funny, if I typed S.F. or CA it wouldn’t be so bad, right? I agree Cali doesn’t read intelligently but it’s hardly worth Peeve status. Hey, I’ve been out here for 37 years but I’m from New England and will always be ‘branded’ a yankee (no, not New York anything), an East Coaster, it’s just as out of my control as what those nicknames you guys agonize over that have been used for eons. I don’t get it. Signed, Beantown, Chi-Town, Shaky City, Big Apple, Big Easy, et al.

Brian S

I suspect most folks outside California ( and the surfing world ) are unaware of Mavericks. Surprises me that Apple’s marketing switched from a universally recognizable symbol ( felines ) to something most will say huh?

Jim Mueller

Ah - back in the water. When the original iMac rolled out in the previous millennium its color was Bondi Blue, named after Bondi Beach in Australia. According to Wikipedia, Bondi is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks” - similar to Mavericks’ waves.

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