OS X Mavericks Release May Wait for Late October

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Apple may not be planning on releasing OS X Mavericks at the same time as iOS 7 in September and may instead roll out the next version of its Mac OS at the end of October. September 10's special media event is expected to give us new iPhone models and a release date for iOS 7, but if sources are correct, we won't be getting Mavericks on the same time schedule.

OS X Mavericks may mot ship until late OctoberOS X Mavericks may mot ship until late October

Insider sources talking with 9 to 5 Mac said Apple chose to stagger its rollouts to focus on the iOS 7 launch as well as new iPhone models. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are expected to make their first official appearance on September 10 and to be shipping by September 20. If so, iOS 7 will be available about the same time.

Apple promised a fall release for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, although the company didn't say whether or not they would ship at the same time. While getting Mavericks along side iOS 7 would be nice, holding off a little could also coincide with new Mac updates. Apple introduced new MacBook Air models at its World Wide Developer Conference in June, but has yet to update the MacBook Pro and iMac, or to release the completely redesigned Mac Pro.

Apple doesn't comment on rumors, so there isn't any official confirmation on when OS X Mavericks will ship. Waiting until October does, however, seem reasonable since that gives the company time to focus on its iOS 7 and iPhone product launches.

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I’s going to be a busy couple of months

Sept 10: New iPhones announced
Sept 20: New iPhones and iOS7 released
Early October: iPad/iPad Mini updated
Late October: Mavricks released
Early November: Updated Mac Pro and other Macs.
January: First whining about “No new Apple products in a while”.



I think it will be more like this:

Sept 10: New iPhones and Apple TV announced
Sept 20: New iPhones and Apple TV and iOS7 released
October 14: iPad 5/iPad Mini 2, Mac Pro and other Mac updates announced
November 1: iPad/iPad Mini/Mac Pro/Other Mac updates/Mavricks released

Toss in updated Airport Express update, new 30” Mac Pro display (as thin as the edge of current iMacs) and some sort of wearable device announcements in Q4 as well.  And hopefully an Airport Extreme with a 4 Gig hard drive in it!!


Everything supporting 802.11ac and Thunderbolt 2, of course.


Oh, and fingerprint sensors in everything, and announcement of the new iPay service - a global payment service that allows you to pay for anything anywhere with a touch of the fingerprint reader, and announcement of 25,000 stores/restaurants that will support it in 1st quarter 2014.

Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

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