OS X Printing: Save Your Custom Print Settings

If you routinely need to use the same settings when printing documents from your Mac it quickly becomes a pain to make those changes every time. Turns out OS X has had a feature to save your custom print settings for a long time, and it's hiding in plain sight.

Once you have your printer settings exactly the way you want, and before you click Print to send your file on its way, choose Save Current Settings as Preset from the Presets pop-up menu. It's right under the Printer pop-up menu.

OS X lets you save your custom printer settings. It's a big time saver.OS X lets you save your custom printer settings. It's a big time saver.

Now give your custom settings a descriptive name, and choose whether you want your new preset to be available for all of the printers you use, or just the currently selected printer. Click OK to save your settings.

Your custom presets show up in the Presets pop-up menu along with Default Settings and Last Used Settings.

I made custom presets to print in black and white to my color printer, to print low resolution for faster output, and use the economy toner mode for my black and white laser printer so I don't have to manually change settings every time I print. It's also handy if you work in an office with several printers where you routinely change settings -- it saves time and you know your settings are always right.