OS X: Put the Date in Your Menu Bar

A lot of people who aren’t regular Mac Calendar users never notice that program’s Dock icon is dynamic, meaning that it changes with the date.

So if you need to know what date it is, a quick glance will tell you. And don’t lie to me and say you guys always just remember that! Heck, I’m lucky if I remember to use “2014” now that it’s, you know, July.

In any event, if you don’t have that program in your Dock, you can instead display the date in your menu bar. To do that, visit System Preferences> Date & Time, which you can access easily by clicking on your clock at the upper-right of your screen and choosing “Open Date & Time Preferences”:

As you can see, you can find out the date at the top when you click on that, but we’re going to make things even more convenient. Once System Preferences> Date & Time opens, click on the “Clock” tab, and you’ll see the many choices you have for how that one teeny little feature behaves.

Highlighted in my screenshot is “Show date,” which is kind of the whole reason why we’re here, but I want you guys to savor everything you can do. Use a 24-hour clock if you want! Display the seconds with your time! Use an analog clock instead! No, wait, don’t do that last thing. That looks WEIRD.

See? Weird.

After you’re finished admiring all the options for your little menu bar clock, check that “Show date” box, and you’ll get your money’s worth for this tip.

Wait, what do you mean you’re not paying for these tips? 

I think I’d like to speak to the manager.