OS X Renamed macOS, gets Siri and Apple Pay Support

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Apple announced OS X is now macOS, and that Siri support is coming to the desktop during Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday. The next version of the Mac operating system will get Apple Pay support for the Web, too.

Siri for macOS Sierra lets you talk to your MacSiri for macOS Sierra lets you talk to your Mac

Apple ditched the OS X moniker for the Mac operating system, renaming it macOS. This version will be called macOS Sierra.

Sierra will include system-wide Siri support so users can perform tasks like searches and reply to Messages conversations.

The new version also includes Universal Clipboard so you can copy and paste between devices, including your iPhone or iPad. You can use your Apple Watch to log into your Mac, too.

The contents of your Desktop will be visible across all your Macs as well as your iPhone and iPad. Documents in iCloud Drive are easily accessible on your Macs and iOS devices, too.

macOS Sierra includes a new disk optimization feature that clears out space by storing data like old email messages and photos online. The operating system will also automatically clear out old data such as Web caches and histories.

Apple Pay for the Web lets you make purchases online and in apps. Authentication for purchases is handled via Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad, or your Apple Watch. All windows in macOS Sierra are multi-tab capable, too.

macOS Sierra is available for developers today, and a public beta will be available in July. The official release will come later this year.

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It seems a lot of the rumors were accurate. Could TMO maybe highlight the new stuff that wasn’t leaked before the keynote?


Any word on how old an iMac Sierra cab run on?




Any word on how old an iMac Sierra cab run on?

If this article in Macworld is to be believed, the new macOS Sierra will run on iMacs from late 2009 and later:


If that’s true, that’s a bummer for me, as my early 2008 iMac won’t qualify (and it runs El Capitan just fine). Oh well, add a new iMac to my 2016 wish list!



My bad, forgot the URL tags on that last post. Sorry!


mrmwebmax ~ I have the exact same iMac, which also runs El Capitan just fine. From what I have read so far, I suspect that our iMacs may well run Sierra also, at least most of it. In any event, I am definitely going to try it on an external boot drive.

I didn’t like Mavericks or El Cap, so I’m still on Mountain Lion for everyday use, but I have an inkling that Sierra and I might get along quite well.

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