OS X Yosemite Public Beta Coming July 24

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Apple will release the promised public beta of OS X Yosemite on Thursday, July 24. The beta will be in line with the version developers are currently using, at least for now, but devs will get updates at a faster pace.

Apple's OS X Yosemite public beta coming ThursdayApple's OS X Yosemite public beta coming Thursday

News of the Yosemite public beta release date comes courtesy of The Loop's Jim Dalrymple.

Apple announced the public beta in early June with the promise that it would be available some time this summer. Signing up to get early access to Yosemite is free and requires a quick visit to Apple's website.

Apple showed off OS X Yosemite at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference this spring. The new Mac operating system will replace OS X Mavericks and includes a redesigned flatter looking interface, the ability to mark up documents without special apps, jump between devices to work on documents automatically, use the Mac as a speaker phone for the iPhone, and more.

Apple is making it clear Yosemite is currently in a true beta state, which means it isn't ready for mission critical machines. There are bugs, some features are missing or don't work, there will be crashes, and you could potentially lose data, too. If you plan on installing the Yosemite public beta make sure it's running on a secondary Mac -- or at least an alternate boot drive -- where you don't need to worry about stability and performance issues.

The brave souls who install the public beta will be asked to give their feedback through a Feedback Assistant app

OS X Yosemite and the public beta will be free. Apple is promising a fall release for the final version, but hasn't announced an official date yet.

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Getting early access to OS X Yosemite will be great, but don't forget it's beta software. Things will be broken and features will be missing. Don't expect it to perform like a final shipping product.

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Can’t wait to play around with Yosemite it on an old partition. Can’t wait for iOS8 either. The integration should be nice.


I’m interested to see how it performs on a late ‘08 macbook pro


Has anyone managed to get the beta to show in the Mac App store app ?

I’ve downloaded the latest Yosmite Feedback app, and installed it, which then fires up the Mac App Store app, but the Public Beta isn’t showing as available to download.

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