OS X Mountain Lion to Launch Wednesday

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OS X Mountain Lion, Apple’s next major update for the Mac operating system will ship on Wednesday, July 25. Like Lion, Mountain Lion will be available as a download through the Mac App Store.

Apple confirms Mountain Lion shipping on July 25Apple confirms Mountain Lion shipping on July 25

The announcement came along with the release of Apple’s third fiscal quarter earnings report where the company said it brought in US$35 billion in revenue with a net profit of $8.8 billion.

Mountain Lion will include several features borrowed from iOS for the iPad such as Notification Center and Reminders, includes system-wide app-level support for Twitter and Facebook, offers tighter integration with iCloud, includes the new iMessages app, Gatekeeper for better app security, and more.

OS X Mountain Lion is priced at US$19.99 and will be available for download through Apple’s Mac App Store.

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Lee Dronick

I will wait a few days before downloading and upgrading to see if there are any major problems with the OS.


I can?t remember a less-anticipated OS X release. People are talking more about ?how bad will it be?? than ?what cool new stuff will it do?”

Perry Clease

I disagree, many people, including me, are looking forward to installing Mountain Lion. I am also looking forward to it bringing some iOS features to OSX.


I can?t dispute the persuasive argument that ?many people? are looking forward to ?some… features.?  I?m taking Thursday off to upgrade!

Lee Dronick

Maybe Friday for me and I probably won’t upgrade my wife’s MacBook Pro until next week. That will give me time to get up to speed on the new features so that I can train her on them.

Mirror backup of all three of our Macs before upgrading to Mountain Lion.


I only wish I could get the upgrade, I have a 2006 Mac BookPro and it won’t load on my Mac. This will be the first upgrade I’ve had to pass on since 1984. The reason, I’m on Social Security, after a bad stroke in 2005. I don’t even drink or smoke, also after the stroke I’m a diabetic @ nearly 70 years of age, I’m still going fairly strong.


I’m firmly undecided, I think.
I don’t know if ML will fix the (apparently permanent) problems created by 10.7, or make them worse.

Quicktime is a train wreck, and Launch Services has gone completely insane, with no fix in sight.

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