OtterBox Ships Defender Series for iPhone 4

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OtterBox announced the immediate availability of its OtterBox Defender Series case for the iPhone 4 on Tuesday.

Defender Series for iPhone 4

The Defender Series protects the iPhone 4 with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell, a clear multi-touch display screen cover, and a silicone skin that locks the shell into place. The case leaves the iPhone 4’s ports and sensors unobstructed, and includes a holster-style swivel belt clip, too.

OtterBox also said its Commuter and Impact Series cases for the iPhone 4 are in development and will be available soon.

The OtterBox Defender is priced at US$49.95.


Need to get their act together

Normally this would be great, but when you try to add the new Defender to the shopping cart you get the following error: [removed](‘Error - Unable to connect to store 446476\n’).  Wow, just one thing after another with Otterbox


Man, apple is just one big joke. I know I sound like an Apple hater but lately it’s hard to like them.  A “free bumper”? Seriously?! They knew about the flaw and they still let the product out, disgusting. Just read this article, it pretty much sums up my feelings:


My twelve year old broke the screen on his new Nano the second day rough housing with friends while it was in his pocket. Apple replaced it for free! (love Apple!) and I got the Otterbox case for him, the nano looks like new two years later. Love Otterbox!

If I had an IP4 I would absolutely get this case!

Is it just me, but it seems that the web has become over run with complainers. People need to chill, be happy. JimmyKricket, do you work for Nokia or some other phone company as a publicist and are about to be laid off because your products get no attention? How can a shiny metal and glass object that lets you contact people all over the world and fits in your pocket make you so unhappy? Spoiled brat!


That’s a high traffic/overloaded server error.

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