Out of the Park Baseball 12 Starts Pre-Orders With Incentives

OOTP Developments on Wednesday announced that pre-orders have begun for Out of the Park Baseball 12, the latest version of its baseball management sim. Those who order during January get the game two days early when it ships this spring, along with a US$10 discount off the normal price of $39.99. The $29.99 pre-order price stays in effect until the day before OOTP 12 ships.

OOTP lets players run a major league baseball team from top to bottom, setting lineups and pitching rotations, determining defensive and offensive strategies, and making dozens of game-time decisions, such as when to steal a base or employ a hit-and-run. Between games, players define scouting budgets, make trades, handle the amateur draft, scour the waiver wire, sign free agents, negotiate contract extensions, demote underperforming players to the minors and call up hot prospects, and more.

OOTP 12 ships with complete team rosters, from the majors to the minors, along with the ability to step back in time and replay seasons from 1871 through 2010. New features in this version include a revamped financial system, official support for online leagues, AI improvements, and more.

OOTP is also working on an iOS version of the game, called iOOTP, that will ship around the same time frame.