Out of the Park Baseball 8 Now a Free Download


Out of the Park Developments has announced that Out of the Park Baseball 8, the 2007 edition of its baseball management sim, is now available as a free download. The game features not only all the Opening Day 2007 Major League Baseball rosters but also full minor league teams and rosters and the ability to recreate any historical season from 1901 through 2006. Players can also create fictional teams and leagues.

OOTP 8 lets players take full control of their teams as they draft players, make trades, sign players off the waiver wire, scout players, sign free agents, manage their payroll, and more. On game day, they set their starting lineups, decide when to pull pitchers or insert pinch-hitters, and make strategy decisions ranging from stealing a base to positioning fielders.

The game works with Intel and PowerPC Macs, as does the latest version, OOTP 10, which sells for US$39.99.