Over Half of Verizon Q1 Smartphones Sales go to iPhone

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Verizon released its first fiscal quarter earnings report for 2013 on Thursday, giving us our first hint into what to expect from iPhone sales figures during Apple's earnings report next week. 55 percent of the 7.2 million new smartphone activations for the quarter were iPhones, and about half of those belonged to the iPhone 5.

iPhone accounts for over half of Verizon's Q1 smartphone activationsiPhone accounts for over half of Verizon's Q1 smartphone activations

Verizon activated some 4 million iPhones during its first fiscal quarter, according to TechCrunch. That's down from the fourth quarter's 6.2 million activations, but the previous quarter also included holiday sales and the first full quarter of iPhone 5 sales.

Compared to Verizon's third quarter for 2012, iPhone activations were up overall. During that quarter, the carrier activated 3.1 million units.

For first fiscal quarter of 2013, about 2 million iPhone activations when to the iPhone 5, with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 making up the difference -- meaning Apple's older smartphone models are still outselling many new Android smartphones.

Apple's second fiscal quarter earnings report for 2013 is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, where the definitive numbers on iPhone sales will be announced. Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our usual coverage and analysis.

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Verizon's iPhone activations may be down compared to the previous quarter, but they're still climbing overall. They also still make up more than half of all smartphone activations for the carrier, which has to be a figure that stings Android smartphone makers.

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John Molloy

Meanwhile CNN are reporting this story with no respect to how year on year sales work with the headline:

Verizon iPhone sales tumble 33%

They decided to compare sales from the Christmas period.


Good for CNN!  That should help Apple stock keep freefalling for a little while longer!

So, hurry Applefans;  BUY BUY BUY!!!0

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