Overcast: Get Ready for Your New Podcast Listening Experience

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Apple's Podcast app for the iPhone doesn't quite cut it for many people, so well known developer Marco Arment took on the task of making something he thinks nails the needs of mobile listeners. The result: Overcast.

Overcast for the iPhone

Overcast includes Smart Speed for distortion-free podcast playback at faster than normal speeds, and Voice Boost to intelligently normalize volumes in the shows you listen to. It also offers playlists based on priorities, filters and other sorting rules, and it lets you discover new podcasts based on what your Twitter friends are following.

The app offers an in-app purchase to unlock extra features which include cellular downloads, variable playback speed, Smart Speed which shortens silence in recordings, Voice Boost, per-podcast effects settings, one-by-one playback, a sleep timer, and unlimited playlists and episodes in playlists.

Overcast for iOS is free with limited functionality, or US$4.99 with all of its features unlocked. It's available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Scott B in DC

So far, I have not found anything that can beat Downcast. The *only* problem with Downcast is the OS X version is not as robust as the iOS version. I’m sure the developer will get it together considering their record of the iOS app, but I would recommend Downcast over everything else!

Vanamala Zithendra Kumar

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