OWC Upgrades a New Mac Pro CPU, Measures 30% Boost

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Other World Computing (OWC), in its initial teardown of the new Mac Pro, discovered that the CPU is upgradeable. So they popped in a new CPU and measured a 30 percent improvement in the Geekbench Multi-core score.


OWC's Jarrod and Ron wrote in their blog: "We got our hands on an Intel E5-2667 V2 8-core 3.30GHz with 25MB Cache processor, installed it in the new Mac Pro and have done some benchmarking to get an early look at the performance vs. the stock Apple / Intel E5-1650 V2 6-core 3.50GHz with 12MB Cache model. The testing was done with 64GB of OWC memory installed."

The resulting Geekbench score went from 20777 to 27004 in the Multi-core test.

You can read more at "OWC Confirms Mac Pro 2013 Processor Upgradeable."

Image credit: Other World Computing

With an easy open case, good repairability and now this CPU upgradeability, Apple continues to surprise us with this new product.

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If OWC says it can be done and have upgraded the new Mac Pro already I believe it. Some wil still be too hard-headed to belive it.

Que the usual lame Apple hater compaints that the new Mac Pro is sealed and not user upgradable in 3,2,1…

Constable Odo

It will be nice if OWC performs such upgrades for customers in the future.  they can upgrade both CPU and GPU (providing they can get their hands on those special AMD processors).


I am a bit surprised that the multi core score went up going from a 12 core 3.5Ghz to an 8 core 3.3 Ghz chip. The 2667 must be laid out a lot different than the 1650. Can anyone shed some light on this?


Never mind I retread the article and it’s a 6 core not a 12 core. Shows what I get for being too lazy to dig out my glasses

Eolake Stobblehouse

Intel E5-2667, is that much more expensive? Or is Apple not giving us the full deal in their most advanced computer?

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