OWC Introduces USB 2.0 Display Adapter

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Other World Computing announced the release of the OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter. This adapter allows users to add an additional display to Macs and PCs via any standard USB 2.0 port.

The Display Adapter functions like a bus powered external video card. The OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter adds an additional monitor to desktop and laptop computers that offer only one built-in display/video-out port.

The OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter connects to HDMI, DVI, and VGA equipped displays in 32-bit color at resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200. Up to six adapters can be configured to either clone a user’s primary screen or extend the desktop.

The OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter is available through the Other World Computing Web site for US$99.

OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter
OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter

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Is this the same device as made by Sewell Direct, just rebadged? Just curious.

I have two of the Sewell Devices. They work just fine on machines that support expanded desktops. Older Mac Minis were a bit of a problem at first, but the driver support has improved.


I’ve used USB video adaptors and been very pleasantly surprised how well they work. However, most of them I’ve seen have been in the $30 - $60 range. $99 seems like a lot.

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