OWC & Ramjet Announce RAM Modules for New iMacs

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Otherworld Computing (OWC) and Ramjet both announced RAM modules for Apple’s new iMac models Wednesday. Both companies are offering 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB kits, and both companies have designed their modules to meet Apple’s strict RAM specifications.

Apple’s announced new iMacs Tuesday, including a new 21.5” model and a 27” model.

OWC’s prices:

  • OWC 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit (2 x 2GB matched memory modules) - $117.99
  • OWC 8GB DDR3 Memory Kit (2 x 4GB matched memory modules) - $279.99
  • OWC 16GB DDR3 Memory Kit (4 x 4GB matched memory modules) - $549.99

Ramjet’s prices:

  • DDR3-1333 Single Modules
    • 4GB DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM for iMac (1x 4GB) $149.99
  • DDR3-1333 Kits
    • 4GB DDR3-1333 Kit for iMac (2x 2GB) $117.99
    • 8GB DDR3-1333 Kit for iMac (2x 4GB) $289.99
    • 16GB DDR3-1333 Kit for iMac (4x 4GB) $574.99

You can find more information and purchase options at the links above.



For me, the logical purchase is 8GB (4x2) today to give me 12GB which is overkill.
Then, maybe in the future, replace the 2x2 with 4x2.
I do have difficulty believing that 16GB will be the required minimum when I sell our new iMac (ordered today from SmallDog) in 2.5 years.


You can get Crucial 8 GB kit for $243


You can 8GB kit up to $215 by there brands

You can get 16GB of RAM for $430

Hope this saves lot of money.

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