OWC Releases 4GB RAM Upgrades for New Mac Mini

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OWC Releases 4GB RAM Upgrades for New Mac Mini

OWC memory module for Mac miniOther World Computing (OWC) announced Friday the release of 4GB memory upgrade modules for Apple's new Mac mini (released 3/3/2009). The company is offering a way to upgrade to 3GB of RAM using the factory installed 1GB module, or you can upgrade to 4GB for 57% less than Apple's price.

Those two options, according to OWC:

  • OWC 2GB DDR3 Memory Module - $33.99
    Add to existing 1GB factory chip for 3GB total memory...this upgrade not available as a factory option.
  • OWC 4GB (2 x 2GB matched memory modules) DDR3 Memory Kit - $64.99
    57% lower cost than factory 4GB upgrade for mini 1GB/120GB HD model, 35% lower cost for 2GB/320GB HD model.

You can find more information on the company's Mac mini Web page.

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All very well and good, but wouldn’t cracking the case to install one of these upgrades void one’s AppleCare coverage?


Yea, but they will do it for free at the Apple store.  Just bring your RAM to the Genii.


Put down the crack pipe! Ram in the iMac is the easiest thing to install. My ninty year old mother can install it. And apple gives you the instructions to do it. If you are worried about your Apple Care, keep the apple ram and swap it back in if you have to take in for a repair.


Ummmmm this is a Mac mini, not an iMac we’re talkin about here. WTF are YOU smoking?

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