Pac-Man Championship Edition Hits the App Store

Namco Networks has released a Championship Edition of its classic arcade game Pac-Man (US$2.99), publishing it for the iPhone and other mobile platforms. With the original Pac-Man due to celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, the Championship Edition features six modes, including Championship and Mission, with another game mode (Challenge) and more levels available in an expansion pack that can be purchased in-game.

Other new App Store games include: Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow ($0.99), in which Santa reveals holiday images by peeing in snow; the timing game Boot It Up! ($0.99); the puzzle title Sphere Raider ($1.99); and the free flight sim Pilot Test.

In addition, Codemasters has announced that next week will see the release of F1 2009, a racing game featuring all 10 teams, 20 drivers, and 17 circuits from the 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship.