PadDock 10 Turns an iPad Into a Mini iMac

SAN FRANCISCO — iPad stands are nearly as numerous as iPhone cases, but the PadDock 10 is more than just a stand. In addition to making your iPad look like a smaller version of an iMac, it adds speaker and connector features too.

PadDock 10

The PadDock 10

The PadDock 10 by SMK-Link Electronics (US$99) is an appealing iPad stand just because of its iMac-like looks, but it’s the added features that separates it from the crowd. Not only does it sit at a comfortable height and have a tilt adjustment (always good to help eliminate glare), but the screen can also be rotated 360-degrees to suit whatever might be on the display. 

The dock connector that is part of the clamping mechanism allows for charging and syncing without a cable hanging off the side. The stand also includes a speaker with a physical volume button, which could make for quicker adjustments than the touch-screen controls.

PadDock 10 is a solid, steady way to keep you iPad by your side. It would be suited for an iPad that stands by itself as well as one that becomes another display next to a larger system. And it certainly would fit in on any Mac-centric desk.