Pages ’09: Escaping into Spelling Suggestions

Pages has a secret way to access spelling suggestions from the keyboard. That’s reason number 7,642 why I love it (take that, Microsoft Word, as there are only two reasons why I love you, and both involve you not being installed on my computer). Wanna learn how? There may be a way for you to do that, and it may involve you reading this tip. Whoops. I’ve already said too much.

So in Pages, start typing a word that you can’t remember how to spell. For me, that’s usually one that has a lot of double letters. Is there one S? Are there two? That’s what I have a computer for, along with browsing Reddit. Anyway, when you’d like Pages to offer you suggestions, hit the Escape key.

No matter how much of the word you’ve typed in, you’ll get a list of possible spellings. The only time that you won’t get any hints at all is if your Mac’s dictionary doesn’t find any matches, at which point your machine will make an annoyed noise at you. 

To exit the word picker, hit the Escape key again. If instead you’d like to select a choice from the list, double-click it, and that word will fill in all proper-like. You can also use your arrow keys to highlight your word and hit Enter, or you can just hit the spacebar after you’ve made your selection.

You can use this in Keynote, too, if it strikes your fancy. And for you plain-text mavens, this tip also works in TextEdit. I really wish I could use this in Mail, as I find spelling suggestions pretty useful these days. You know, as my mind starts to go. Or maybe the way to phrase that should be “as my mind finishes going.”