Pages ’09: The Overlooked Bottom Toolbar

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Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to the useful little bar at the bottom of a Pages window. Those folks are missing out.

It’s evident that it’ll give you a lot of data at a glance, but those fields do interesting things if you click on them, too. The most obvious example is the zoom controller, which is first in the list; use this to change how your document appears on-screen. This is great if you have trouble seeing smaller text sizes or want an overview of several pages at once.

The second section shows you the word count of your current document if you have no text selected…

…but if you select some text, it’ll show you the count of that text along with the total. Neat!

If you click that word count, it’ll open up the Document Inspector directly to show you even more statistics. And I’m a gal who thinks there can never be too many statistics.

(If you don’t see the word count at the bottom of your Pages window at all, go to Pages > Preferences > General and toggle on Show word count at window bottom.)

With me so far? OK. The next section will show you what page you’re on and how many pages you’ve created.

Click it, though, and you’ll get a handy-dandy Go to Page dialog that you can use to jump anywhere in your document.

Last is the gear icon. We’re very familiar with gear icons from all around Mac OS X, aren’t we? This one allows you to use the arrows next to it to scroll by different types of content, kind of like a search. 

So if you select Hyperlink from the gear icon’s list, for example, and then click the up and down arrows next to it, Pages’ll highlight every hyperlink in your document in turn.

Similarly, if you select something like Paragraph Style > Heading or Character Style > Underline, you can arrow through all the places you’ve used those styles. Which is pretty useful if you’ve got a long document with a lot of style mistakes you need to correct. 

Not that any of my TMO readers would have that problem, right? I have such faith in you.

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Lee Dronick

Thanks again for some excellent tips.


Wonderful tips. Thanks, and please keep them coming!



John Dingler, artist

Pleasantly surprised. Useful.

Wish that Pages would offer Save As>Word (or RTF). Must have made a deal with MS not to do so, or else its lack was left as a constant reminder to MS that Apple can make a full-fledged competitor to Word should it choose to do so, and do it better.

Melissa Holt

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

John, there is such a feature. It’s under Share > Export, and the options are PDF, Word, Plain Text, RTF, and ePub. So maybe Apple’s already doing it better. wink



I like articles where the key insight is in the headline - it made me look at my Pages window and say “goodness, you’re right - I had forgotten about that toolbar completely!”

Though I swear I just read in Apple’s HI guidelines that bottom-of-the-window toolbars are deprecated.

The real question is: why hasn’t Apple bothered to update the Mac version of iWork since 2009(!!!) ?

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