Palm Intros Pixi Smartphone

The Palm Pre isn't alone in the world as the only webOS-based phone now that Palm has introduced the Pixi. The Pixi is smaller than the Pre and sports a 2.63-inch multi-touch display, but doesn't include built-in Wi-Fi -- a feature that's common on many other smartphones.

The Palm Pixi

The Pixi includes a physical keyboard like the Pre, but weighs only 3.51 ounces. It includes a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash, 8GB of storage, AIM, Google Talk and Yahoo! IM support, and an accelerometer that lets images and Web pages change between landscape and portrait view as the handheld is rotated.

The Pixi is Palm's second product aimed at competing with Apple's iPhone. The company hasn't yet announced pricing, but based on its size and features it is likely designed to target users that can't afford more feature-packed devices. Considering that the 8GB iPhone 3G sells for US$99, and includes built-in Wi-Fi support, the Pixi may have some trouble competing  with Apple's lineup.