Palm Loses Key Interface Designer to Google

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Palm’s Senior Director of Human Interface and User Experience, Matias Duarte, announced on Thursday that he is leaving the company and Google confirmed he is joining its Android team, according to AllThingsD. Mr. Duarte was instrumental in designing Palm’s webOS interface used in the Palm Pre smartphone.

Android is Google’s platform for smartphones and other portable electronic devices intended to compete with Apple’s iPhone OS.

Mr. Duarte has worked for Palm since 2009 and the days of the Palm V PDA. His departure will likely be a disappointment to HP since the PC and printer maker recently announced that it is acquiring Palm.

Mr. Duarte will serve as Google’s User Experience Director for Android. The company didn’t say when he will take on his new role.

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So much for Android. Because the User Experience for Palm was sooooo good in the last five years….


Methinks the Palm V slightly predates 2009.

Lee Dronick

Methinks the Palm V slightly predates 2009.

On his linkedin bio it says he started working at Palm in 2007


What, is Google suddenly feeling like they need to spruce up their plain look and feel?  I am not complaining but one wonders why Google even needs an “interface designer”..  ha.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Tiger, have you picked up and used a Pre? Slap an Apple sticker on the back, use it for a week, an then tell me it isn’t a really nice, crisp experience.

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