Rdio Shutting Down on December 22 after Pandora Purchase

Sorry, Rdio users, your streaming music subscription isn't going to make it to the new year. Now that Pandora owns Rdio, it's shutting down the service next week on December 22nd.

Radio shutting down on December 22Radio shutting down on December 22

Rdio filed for bankruptcy protection after failing to successfully compete with Spotify and Pandora. After that, Pandora stepped in to buy the company's assets for US$75 million.

Rdio stopped taking new subscribers shortly after news of Pandora's planned buyout was announced, and users have been waiting ever since to hear when the service would close its doors. Thanks to an email to subscribers, we know that date is now only a few days away.

Subscribers can export their Rdio data through the streaming music service's Web interface, but they need to do it before 5PM pacific time next Tuesday. After that, it looks like your data will be gone forever. 

Rdio's farewell website says, "Goodbye... for now," hinting that its streaming music service may get a new lease on life in some form through Pandora. Neither company, however, is saying what that may involve.

[Thanks to App Advice for the heads up]