Pangea Updates 3 Titles For Game Center Fun

Pangea Software, makers of many top notch games for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, release new versions of their most popular games for iOS devices on Thursday. Cro-Mag Rally, Nanosaur II, and Enigmo have been updated to take advantage of Apple’s Game Center feature available in the recently released iOS 4.1.

In Cro-Mag Rally you race stone-age vehicles through prehistoric landscapes. There are power-ups that boost your vehicle and some that let you take some of the speed out of your opponents. With Game Center you can now race against up to four other players over the Internet.

Nanosaur II lets you pilot  a rocket-powered, weapon toting pterodactyl on a quest to find dino-eggs to send back into the future. The update adds six new single-player levels and three multiplayer modes, including a battle mode where up to four pterodactyls shoot it out over a Jurassic landscape.

Enigmo is a puzzler where players alter the flow of water to complete a level. Now up to three players can compete simultaneously to solve puzzles.

All three games support Voice Chat, a Game Center feature that lets you talk to other players while the game is played.

“I have not been this excited about an app release since the App Store first opened,” says Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software, “There are several million existing owners of these games, and I can’t wait to start playing against them! iOS 4.1 has changed the gaming landscape on the iPhone, and I predict that most if not all of our upcoming games will be multiplayer capable.”  

The new versions of Nanosaur 2, Cro-Mag Rally, and Enigmo are free to all existing owners of the iPhone versions of these games, and the new versions still run on any iOS device with iOS 3.1.3 or later. New customers can buy Cro-Mag Rally and Enigmo for US$2.99 each, and Nanosaur 2 for $3.99 at Apple’s App Store.