Pantone Intros Pantone Plus Color Guides

Pantone announced the immediate availability of its new Pantone Plus color reference guides on Tuesday. The guides expand on the industry standard Pantone Matching System reference guides by adding new colors, and improving color grouping and organization.

The Pantone Plus system arranges colors chromatically, the guides are printed on text weight paper to better represent how colors will look in a print environment, and each guide includes a color checker light quality indicator to show whether or not the current lighting conditions offer color accuracy. The new color matching system also relies on the same 14 ink bases as the PMS system.

Pantone Plus Guides

The Pantone Plus Series CMYK includes 2,886 CMYK colors, the Premium Metallics and Premium Metallics Chips sets include 300 new metallics that won’t lose their luster when coated, and the Pastels & Neons and Pastels & Neon Chips sets includes 154 pastels with 56 neon colors.

The Color Manager application will be available as a public beta in June, and the Pantone Plus digital libraries for Adobe and Quark applications will be available in June as free downloads.

Pantone is also updating its myPANTONE and X-Ref iPhone applications to include the new Pantone Plus color system.

Pricing for Pantone Plus color reference guides starts at US$69 for the Metallic Formula Guide. The coated and uncoated Pantone Formula Guide set is priced at $109, the Solid Chips set costs $259, the coated and uncoated Color Bridge guides are $129 each, and the CMYK coated and uncoated guide set costs $125.