Paragon Issues 30 'Talking' Dictionaries

SAN FRANCISCO -- Paragon Software Group this week released 30 SlovoEd dictionaries -- three explanatory in English, French, and Spanish and 27 bilingual -- at Macworld Expo. When loaded into Mac OS X, they allow users to point their cursor at a word and obtain its translation or definition, complete with usage and sound samples, transcription, grammar information, and color markup. Users can also listen to pronunciations, find etymologies describing word origins, and view grammar info.

The dictionaries are available in three versions: Deluxe (US$89.95), which is aimed at professional linguists, translators, and advanced language learners; Classic ($49.95), which contains the most frequently used dictionary articles for use in business, travel, and study; and Compact ($34.95), which features the most common and basic translations and uses up the least memory.