Parallels 4.0 Update (build 4.0.3846) Includes Several Snow Leopard Fixes

Parallels has updated Parallels 4.0 to build 4.0.3846, a version that includes only bug fixes, including several issues dealing with Snow Leopard. Parallels is a virtualization solution that allows users to run different and/or additional operating systems on their Mac or PC (as in running Windows on your Mac) in a window.

Bugfixes and improvements in Parallels Desktop 4.0 Update (build 4.0.3846)

  • Support for creating virtual machines with Mac OS X Leopard Server and Snow Leopard Server on Nehalem-based Mac Pros and Xserves - added.
  • Support for creating Boot Camp virtual machines with Windows Vista SP2 – added. - Support for creating Boot Camp virtual machines with Windows 7 – added. - Support for running Windows 7 in virtual machines – improved. - Windows 7 system tray icons – improved.
  • Express installation of Windows 7 – added. - Shared profile issues in Windows 7 – fixed. - Direct printing feature in Windows 7 - fixed. - Sound card support in Windows 7- fixed.
  • Other Windows 7 improvements and bugfixes.
  • Support for running Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server in virtual machines - fixed.
  • Problems with installing Parallels Tools in the Ubuntu Linux 9.04 guest OS - fixed.
  • Support for using Mac OS X Snow Leopard (including the 64-bit version) on host computers – improved.
  • A number of bugs for using Parallels Desktop and running virtual machines on host computers with Mac OS X Snow Leopard fixed. Most important bugs are listed below:
    • QuickLook plug-in crashes when trying to preview the contents of a PVM bundle (the crash is invisible for the user).
    • The update may fail to install the downloaded updates for Parallels Desktop
    • Parallels Mounter and Explorer may fail to open Parallels Desktop disk images.
    • It may be impossible to connect to the virtual machine from the iPhone client.
    • Creating a virtual machine snapshot may take a very long time.
    • Opening a web link from inside a Windows-based virtual machine in Mac Safari
    • using the Shared Internet Applications feature may result in appending garbage to the link.
    • On 64-bit host computers, connecting a USB device to a virtual machine may
      cause a kernel panic.

The update is free to registered users of version 4 of Parallels. The full version is priced at US$79.99.