Parallels Mobile: Access Mac Parallels on iPad/iPhone

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Parallels released Parallels Mobile Tuesday, an iOS app that lets you screen share Windows running in Parallels 6 on your Mac from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The app allows you to remotely use apps, start and reset your virtual machines, and you can do so via WiFi or 3G.

The release notes from iTunes:

  • Parallels Mobile lets you:
  • Access any virtual machine running in Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac
  • Use any Windows application in your virtual machine, from Internet Explorer to Outlook
  • Remotely start, stop and reset virtual machines
  • Stay connected via WiFi or 3G networks
  • Access your Windows applications from anywhere over the Internet
  • Optimize for either speed or graphics performance

The app only works with the newly released Parallels 6, and Windows 7 Aero isn’t supported. Sound playback also isn’t supported.

The app is free, and is available now through the App Store.

Parallel Mobiles Screenshot

Parallels Mobile Screenshot

Parallels Mobile Demo Video

[Update: the article was updated with the demo video above. - Editor]

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I’m dumb. What does that mean? Can I run windows 7 on the i-Pad?
You know what’s gonna happen. When the i-Pad came out, I heard someone say, “I’ll wait for the tablet that runs Windows.”
So… MS will have a tab that runs Windows 7, and Apple can’t run OS 10, or Windows?
To some people, it’s NOT a computer yet.

I?m completely biased, but my own app is my favorite, though not yet optimized for the iPad.  (free test sample available via Private Message, no purchase required)
e.g. “Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps” from iFunia ipad column.

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