Paranormal Research, Lucid Dream TV, Transylvania TV, and More

Last week I talked a little bit about the stranger bits of my life as a kid. I also mentioned was that as I got older I started looking at those strange happenings with a critical eye, and I came to believe that while every odd thing that happens is not necessarily evidence of paranormal activity, all odd occurrences also cannot necessarily be explained away with what we currently know.

Are there ghosts? I dunno. I thought I saw one once, but I can't be sure. I use to think it would be kinda cool if there were ghosts, but then I thought it would be kinda boring and more than a bit frustrating to hang around and watch the living live. There has to be more to afterlife than watching your relatives get old and fat, right?

Are there aliens? I dunno. I think it's a bit arrogant to think that humans are the only intelligent creatures living in the vast expanse of space. I'm less upbeat about whether we've been visited by an intelligent species from another world. It's possible, but I don't think it's likely. There's gotta be zillions of places far cooler than this speck of a world for a galactic tourist to visit. True, we have Disneyland, but I got to believe there are other places more worthy of several decades of hyper-sleep. If I'm wrong this galaxy is in a lot of hurt.

How about E.S.P.? Based on my personal experiences, I have to say that I do believe there is something to it. I think that 99.9% of those who publicly claim to be psychic are not, and if they ever experience a real psychic event they'd likely wet themselves from fright or excitement.

There are, I believe, a few people who do have a little some-some going on. I wish I were one of them.

Anyway, I decided to take a look at other iTunes Store offerings that dealt in the paranormal and discovered something interesting: There are comparatively few video podcasts that deal with the paranormal. In fact, if you search for "paranormal video" in the iTunes Store you'll only find ten podcasts. There must be a zillion audio podcasts on the subject ,however.

It makes me wonder why that is. See, if all these folks who claim to have the inside track on psychic phenomenon actually did have the inside track then (a) why aren't they rich, and (b) if they are rich, why not make a video podcast and show people what they are talking about?

It's been my experience that the most purported psychics are poor. I'm thinking that if one has any psychic gift then why not use it to earn a better than decent living?

Don't give me that, "…can't use it for personal gains…" bullocks because it just doesn't wash. If you can make money with mental powers and you are that much of a humanitarian just think of all the good you could do with the money you'd make.

Also, I believe that seeing is 95% believing, and a true psychic with gonads enough to go public with his abilities is also not afraid to show what he can do. Let me see you fly through a set of Zenner cards while blindfolded. Field real phone calls and tell the caller what he or she is wearing at that very moment.

In fact, here's my challenge to any and all who believe they are gifted with a sixth sense: Write me publicly or privately and tell me four of the six winning Florida Lotto numbers any of the drawing next week. Tell me before the drawings so that I can play the numbers. Doing so documents it by a disinterested third party.

I say four of the six winning numbers because I'm not looking to win the jackpot, though that would be nice. What I want is proof that you are the real deal, and a few hundred bucks shouldn't cause anyone too much stress. Also, four of six out of a possible combination of 51 numbers is pretty high odds.

So, in my skeptical world, any supposed psychic who uses audio podcasts to spread his or her words of wisdom is likely a charlatan and not worth your time.

So what is worth your time?

How about the podcasts from the Paranormal Research Association of Boston? These podcasts are about as amateurish as you can get and still enjoy watching. Host, Ian Murphy, explains the tools of his paranormal research trade, and while he does a good job explaining what these weird devices do, you have to wonder if he's that nervous around ghosts.

What I like about these podcasts is that Ian simply explains the whys and whats, and he doesn't get into a lot of conjecture. Just the facts…

Anyway, there are five of these podcasts at the iTunes Stores and they are believable. Check out the Paranormal Research Association of Boston podcasts.

One of the more normal paranormal events that people have is what is called lucid dreams. These are dreams that appear to be realistic to the point where it hard for the dreamer to tell whether he or she is dreaming.

Many people have lucid dreams some time in their lives, and there are some who claim to have them at will.

I've had a few and have enjoyed them. It's like being in a movie where no one knows it's a movie but you. In fact, I enjoy any and all of my dreams, even the bad ones, because I know I'm dreaming and I can affect what happens in my dreams to a certain degree. I know that sounds weird, but it is not that farfetched.

For instance, if, in a dream, I'm being chase by a horrible, naked, old crone with five half rotted teeth in her head I can simply will myself away from the situation. I can't control what I do or where I go, but it's usually better than dealing with the crone.

If that sounds like fun, and it is, and you'd like to know more and lucid dreams and other dream types than Lucid Dream TV is for you.

The podcast, hosted by Stephen Berlin, does a good job in explaining a lot about what goes on in your head when you closes your eyes.

Mr. Berlin seems conformable in front of the camera, and he imparts some decent pointers and tips to help you get started on your lucid dream journey.

There are ten podcasts in all and I think this will at least whet your appetite for more.

Lucid dreaming is accessible to anyone. If you sleep, you dream, and if you dream you can lucid dream. Check out Lucid Dream TV.

OK, now for something completely different: Transylvania Television.

Monsters in Transylvania have the own TV station and resurrect dead shows. I almost wet myself on the Twilight Zone episode.

Think The Muppets take over Transylvania and you have a good idea what Transylvania Television is like.

There are over 30 episodes and they average about 2 minutes long.

Warning, some material many not be suitable for kids. This is not Sesame Street. Grab a few episodes and Halloween will come early this year.

Good stuff.

Ok, that's a wrap for this week.

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