Parrot Announces In-Dash Entertainment System with Support for CarPlay and Android Auto

French technology firm Parrot is perhaps best known in the U.S. for consumer drone aircraft, but the company also manufactures a line of automotive audio products, including the Android-based Asteroid in-dash entertainment system. In addition to some unexpected gardening products, Parrot has announced at CES that it is adding support for Apple’s CarPlay to a future in-dash system.

The as-yet-unnamed system, codenamed “RNB6,” will support both CarPlay and Android Auto on a 7-inch, 720p touchscreen. Other features include Bluetooth 4.0, 5GHz Wi-Fi support, 4x55-watt built-in amplifier, and compatibility with a variety of automotive configurations, including support for GPS, HDMI video, backup cameras, microphones, steering wheel audio and phone control, on-board diagnostics, and USB.

The RNB6 is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2015. Parrot did not provide pricing for the device, but the company’s current “Asteroid Smart” in-dash system carries a retail price of $599.

Parrot is one of several companies with CarPlay announcements at CES. Automative electronics company Alpine is also showcasing a new line of CarPlay-compatible receivers, and Volkswagen and Hyundai used the show to announce support for CarPlay as well.