Particle Debris (week ending 10/9) Tablet, iPhone and Snow Leopard Mania

Circumstances (circumstances called Comcast) prevented me from posting last Friday. Actually, I am very pleased with Comcast here. They treat me nicely, laid new cable, and got me back on the air with a new DOCSIS 2.x Cable modem and 21 Mbps downloads. It just took all afternoon.

So much news debris has collected, that I'm just going to plough through it all, without a lot of organization.

Jeremy Horwitz over at iLounge published some, "Ten New Details on the Apple Tablet." Some we kinda knew, some we suspected, and some are a pleasant confirmation from a "reliable source."

Gizmodo reported that Apple is in talks with several media companies regarding content for the Apple Tablet. That's nice to know, but what's really cool is the artist concept in the article. Here's the rule: if you hold one, you want one. Period.

Here's a great chart from Silicon Alley Insider. It shows the progression of iPhone app downloads with milestones. The acceleration at the end, 9/11/09, is very interesting.

For those who want to hear Steve Ballmer speak in person about his own version of the Road Ahead, TechCrunch interviewed the Microsoft CEO awhile back. Here's an unadorned chance to hear how the man thinks, and how he presents his thoughts.

For those Mac IT admins and UNIX geeks who live on the command line, Apple has updated its command line administration document for Snow Leopard Server. Here's a link to the PDF file.

In the course of our speculation about Apple's Tablet, some have questioned whether a touch screen interface on a device with a 10-inch screen can ever equal the capabilities of a standard keyboard and mouse. Last week, AppleInsider posted a story about an Apple patent that shows Apple is thinking about that very same problem. Just remember, nothing stays the same forever.

There is some research evidence that companies are beginning to switch from the BlackBerry to the iPhone because of of the international nature of their business, application support, and cost management. Every story has its own axe to grind, and I'm not familiar with this author, but the article appears well documented and contains food for thought.

If you want to read a little more about Verizon's new, cheeky ad campaign, "There's a map for that," here's the take over at All Things Digital.

There have been several technical threads associated with the Snow Leopard release. One is the move from Creator Codes to UTIs (Universal Type Identifier). John Welch, in his blog had some sharp, astute and irreverent (as always!) things to say about UTIs. Good reading for anyone who wants to learn more about the Apple transition and why things happen as they do in Snow Leopard when you double click a document.

Is Apple's App-centric model and electronic downloads chink-free in its armor? No one has ever questioned Apple's wisdom on the matter, but Steve Smith, in a wandering essay, started to ponder the issue. If you're searching for ideas about that Apple model, follow along with Mr. Smith's anecdotal musings. You'll have to be patient to deal with his writing style, however.

Finally, Computerworld has published a great technical summary of how some of the features of iPhone work. It's not deep, but it's better than anything you'll see at It's just the right level so you can impress your girlfriend (or boyfriend) with nerdy facts about how the iPhone dims the screen, responds to the human finger, senses when the phone is next to your head, and how the accelerometer works and so on. Great stuff, and highly recommended.

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