Particle Debris (week ending 3/19) Growing Up and Wasting Time

What’s better than watching TV? One of my favorite discussion items is how we have such fabulous Macintosh technology at our fingertips, but we often squander its potential. From prominent blogger Seth Godin, here’s a thoughtful list of the things one could do if one weren’t watching TV. Some require a computer, but some do not.

I’ve published several article on how to determine which version of Flash you’re running on your Mac, how to upgrade, and so on. Here’s the same page for Silverlight. Silverlight is required if you want to watch streamed movies via Netflix on your Mac.

We’ve covered Apple’s patent lawsuit against HTC. It’s always interesting to see analysis by smart people, but people who don’t see things through the prism of the Apple community. Here’s a thought provoking article by Joe Wilcox on why “Apple’s HTC patent lawsuit is a bluff.” I disagree with some of Joe’s assumptions, but I still recommend it for your weekly dose of side reading.

Have you begun to think about which of the 170,000 iPhone/iPod touch apps will become the most useful on the iPad? Not to worry. T3 has done some of that research for you in “iPad apps: Best iPhone app crossovers” #1 is Skype.

Part and parcel of the editorial community surrounding Apple is the process of questioning decisions that company makes. The discussion ranges from outrageous and foolish to calm and sensible. But we often forget what the impacts are when other companies don’t follow Apple’s lead. Here’s an example of an customer who got screwed, stuck with a non-upgradable version of Android OS (1.5, “Cupcake”) on a phone that had been sitting on the shelf too long. Stories like this bring us back to Earth and remind us why Apple does what it does — and why, when all is done, we’re Apple customers.

Have you ever wondered where the iPhone fits in with respect to the radiation it leaks into your head? It turns out that the iPhone isn’t even in the top 20 list of offenders. Here’s the full scoop from CNET.

On Friday, I discovered this article over at the Edible Apple with a picture of Steve Jobs from 1982, riding his 1966 BMW motorcycle. The article quotes Mr. Jobs as telling a friend that he prefers “to drive his motorcycle…, sit around and drink wine, and talk about what we’re going to do when we grow up.” Looks like he figured it out.

Finally, if you’ed like to engage in some really silly time wasting, (contrary to the opening paragraph), someone has taken the time to write some software that analyzes the date-stamp of each user’s tweets to determine the likely time when they sleep. I suppose this page could have some interesting uses — like figuring out the best time to e-mail your favorite author with that nagging question.