Particle Debris (week ending 4/16) Lust, Creepy Ads, Nuts and Nerds

iPhone lust is growing amongst teenagers, according to a recent note to his clients by Piper Jaffray analyst. He noted that 31 percent of U.S. teenagers plan to buy an iPhone in the next six months and 14 percent already own one. With 50 million iPhones out there now, and the iPad stoking the mobile fires, Apple seems unstoppable.

We knew that Twitter had acquired Tweetie for iPhone from Loren Brichter. And will distribute “Twitter for iPhone” for free. What happened next, however, was that the developer community got all up in arms about Twitter potentially destroying the market place for paid Twitter apps. One of Twitters group leads tried to calm those fears, but whether he’s convincing remains to be seen: “Twitter Officially Responds to Developers. Tries to Calm Fears.”

Our own Jeff Gamet and Ted Landau have weighed in on the developer communities response to the recently revealed section 3.3.1 of Apple’s iPhone SDK license agreement. Before they posted their articles, however, I was amused by this analysis by John Siracusa, who posed the situation in terms of a high stakes poker bet by Apple in “Apple’s Wager.” What would be the result of Apple losing its bet?

In preparation for Apple’s earnings report on April 20, Philip Elmer-DeWitt collected the estimates from a boatload of analysts on the expected iPhone sales for Apple’s Q2. The estimates range from a low of 6 million (Richard Gardner) to 7.85 million (Turley Muller). What I found interesting was the precision of the estimates, down to 0.01 million versus the range of estimates: 1.85 million. It’s a massive disconnect between accuracy and precision (for the mathematically minded), but Heaven knows — these analysts aren’t mathematicians.

For those in the hunt for the new Apple MacBook Pros, these Macs no longer have just a manual mode for switching between the two GPUs. There is an automatic switching mechanism, and it’s nicely explained by ars technica’s Chris Foresman.

Have you ever wondered if there are additional people you should be following on Twitter but are not? A new service by Twitter analyzes the people you follow and makes recommendations on who you should add to your list of friends. Several of use have tried it — with uninspiring results. But it might work better for you. Use Twitters “Follow Finder Page.” Here’s an introduction by CNET.

Microsoft has acquired a bad reputation for occasional poor taste in its advertising and seems to have tripped up once again. Consumer Reports has accused Microsoft of having a creepy Kin video ad that could possibly encourage sexting. Here’s the take by Consumer Reports.

“Are you nuts?” asked Steve Jobs when he got an e-mail from an eager iPad potential customer in Switzerland. It all started when Paul Shadwell asked Mr. Jobs about delayed availability of the iPad for customers in Europe. It seems Mr. Jobs just can’t stop typing on his iPad.

Has Intel pissed off Apple for good? Will Apple fall into the AMD camp? Or at least embrace them as a second supplier? It sounds like a soap opera, but the friction between Intel and Apple now seems palpable. Kasper Jade and Prince McLean at AppleInsider analyze the politics and technology in “Apple in advanced discussions to adopt AMD chips.”

Technical Word of the Week

Nerd crush (n.) A crush on someone that developed because of admiration for the person’s skill, talent, intellectual abilities etc. Example: “I have such a huge nerd crush on our professor.”

I suspect this could expand to products as well as people. “The Captain has a nerd crush on his iPad.” Time will tell.