Particle Debris (wk. ending 11/19) Boxes with a Clue

If you’re up to date on your Apple history, you’ll recognize the name Jean-Louis Gassée. He was an Apple executive from 1981 to 1990. Recently, he’s written a pair of thought provoking articles about how OSes evolve, how they don’t age well, and how companies that sell OSes need to think. Check out: “Apple’s Next Macintosh OS” (which is really part I, but not so labelled) and “The iPadification of OS X – Part II” He argues that Mac OS X will not, in fact, morph into iOS.

One security researcher thinks that when Java is turned over to Oracle, the Mac could become less secure. Perhaps, like Flash, updates won’t be included in the Mac’s Software Update, and we all know how lax people have been in keeping their Flash player updated. Read more in: “Does Apple’s Java move mean a less secure Mac?

We’re all familiar with photos, from the ground, of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York. But here’s a great shot, taken from right over the top. It’s kind of eerie, and the view is almost art itself.

Apple 5th Ave

Source: ifoAppleStore

Here’s an article that’ll get some discussion going: A test involving more that 2 million computer users found that Apple users have a higher IQ than PC users. Intrigued? Here’s the story: “It is finally proven: “Apple users are more intelligent than PC users.

You knew that games are popular on iOS. How popular? TUAW looks at the real extent of iOS game popularity. The article is full of interesting numbers and will raise your eyebrows. “The staggering size of iOS’s game collection.”

I’ve reviewed and compared the Apple TV to the Roku system. If you’re still undecided, take a look at this detailed review of the Boxee box built by D-Link. The bad news? Netflix, Vudu and Hulu Plus are all not available (yet) and streaming from a PC is “a chore.”


Source: D-Link

If the Boxee box doesn’t turn you on, check out this snarky but right on review of the Google TV as implemented on the Logitech Revue ($300). Google may be in worse shape than the Boxee system, and it’s clear now that both Apple and Roku definitely have a clue. Here’s David Pogue’s “Google TV, Usability Not Included.

Logitech Revue
Source: Logitech

There’s something to be said for scoring first, whether it’s in sports like football or the tablet market. Once companies start to buy thousands of iPads, it’s hard to get them turned around (as Apple knows all to well.) For some background on the extent of Apple’s success, read: “iPad’s business use soars as HP backpedals on Slate’s fit.

Technical Word of the Week

Applification (noun.) As in “The iPhone has resulted in the applification of the Internet.”