Particle Debris (wk. ending 11/24) Videos Galore

I got word this week from the developer that Life Browser for iPad, iPhone et al will have its price reduced from US$2.99 to $0.99 until Nov 28. This is a very cool alternative (or supplement) to Safari on the iPad, and, at ninety-nine cents is worth every penny many times over. Here’s a demo video that’ll get whet your appetite.

This isn’t a recent item. It was posted in 2006. But just for holiday fun, if you haven’t seen this video of Steve Ballmer selling Windows 1.0, take a look. As I recall, it was an internal video designed for Microsoft employees only, perhaps for their edification or amusement, but of course, it escaped and gives a chance to poke gentle fun at the now rich and famous CEO.

I also received word from the Opera People that the first beta of Opera 11 is out. It includes a feature that looks very cool to me, something so Apple that I’m surprised Apple didn’t do it first in Safari. My enthusiasm for Opera is slowing growing, and I’m planning to review Opera 11 when it’s ready for prime time.

Finally consider this. Most of us know how the networks are doing on broadcast television. NBC is usually considered a loser in 4th place and CBS is a consistent winner in conventional Neilsen ratings. But what abut the Internet? Things aren’t completely the same there, and here’s a summary of how each network is doing. Different metrics and different business models could, in time, change the fortunes of each network.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!