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This week, Particle Debris is a limited edition. No photos. I had lots to cover, but other tasks have taken precedence. I’ll simply point you to some good stuff, short and sweet.

Jean-Louis Gassée, a former (and famous) Apple executive from the 1980s, takes a look at Apple’s financial numbers for Q1 2011. It’s always interesting to see what Mr. Gassée thinks about the performance of Apple.

How has Apple’s US$59.7 billion in cash grown? How does it break down in terms of cash, short-term and log-term investments? Here’s an amazing graph from asymco.

Are you a book author? Here’s how people can download your eBook directly from a tweet. Wow. The possibilities…

Do you think your iPhone 4, with a GPS, compass, accelerometer and cameras has everything? Not yet, it seems. How about a thermal camera?

I asked the author, S. Koren, if I could review his writing tool, Auteureist for the iPad. Response: No promo codes.  “I don’t market.” If you’ve tried it, let me know.

I have written here at TMO about Java and Apple, both in the news and editorials. Here’s an analysis from Computerworld UK that sheds some additional light on Oracle’s intentions.

How will RIM’s PlayBook tablet run BlackBerry apps? Apparently in emulation under QNX (which is no speed demon.) Funny how lack of foresight can back a company into a corner in the heat of competition — indeed survival. Compare to Apple’s steady hand with Mac OS X and then iOS.

Here’s a story citing Android platform manager Eric Chu saying that he was “not happy” about the lack of paid app purchases in the Android Market. Decide for yourself based on what you know about Apple. And it’s only going to get worse. Google has forked Android for tablets. (The dreaded two-OS no-no.)  More below.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s tepid response to the tablet market even has Paul Thurrott in a panic. The steadfast Microsoft analyst/writer slams the company big time. Interesting reading.

What would Pixar’s movie UP! have looked like in 1965? Here’s another in a great series of “premakes.”

You might have missed this interesting story at SFGate, “How Steve Jobs ‘out-Japanned’ Japan” by Jeff Yang.

Now that Comcast has been granted permission to acquire NBCU, there are several conditions set by the FCC. One relates to how how Comcast will have to handle Hulu, and so there may be big changes coming.

The Register thinks that Microsoft, RIM and Nokia should quit copying Apple. But that’s hard to do when Apple is beating them up. It’s a fine line: go off on your own with a strong vision that may take years to develop (as Apple did last decade) or compete tooth and nail for the hottest markets created by Apple now. Here’s the story and the dilemma.

Finally, here’s a look at Android 3.0, code-named Honeycomb, the Android OS that’s intended for tablets. What do you think?

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Photos are great but “lots” is better. I’m gonna really enjoy my Saturday morning. Is there anything sweeter than cup of coffee and Particle Degree with the vacuum cleaner humming in the background.


Paul Thurrott is crapping on the hand that feeds him.
And, this is not first time in recent memory.
What do you do when you wake up and realize that “Windows” Supersite is doomed?


Is there anything sweeter than cup of coffee and Particle Degree with the vacuum cleaner humming in the background.

It’s “Particle Debris,” not Degree.


Thanks for the Oracle link; partially answers a question I posed on the ‘everything you need to know…’ piece you did.

I do miss the British comedy section.


It?s ?Particle Debris,? not Degree

I’m betting he wrote this on an iOS device! wink



Thanks for the point out. I usually claim dyxlesai when this happens.

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